Online Coaching via our Thrive Method App is recommended if you are willing to use this app and services as your Health & Fitness Hub. On top of all you training & nutrition plans, you will have your mobility & flexibility routines, daily reminders keep good habits and much more in one place.

Our plans are composed of the following services:


• Custom Nutrition Plan

We analyze your current nutrition pattern and come up with a solution designed for you. With daily tracking, recipes and guidelines we take the thinking out of eating healthy. 


• Custom Training Plan

We create an adapted training plan regarding your needs, your schedule and the equipment available to you. We give you ALL THE TOOLS you want, you do the work!


• Lifestyle Habit Coaching

We design the solution you need to transform your daily habits from bad to good. By creating custom habits based on your specific physical and mental health needs we keep you accountable. 

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