Hybrid Coaching is a combination of virtual and online coaching via our Thrive Method App but also via Zoom Meetings for all the virtual services you will get. It is recommended if you are new to training, are dealing with injuries & pain or just because you want much more precision and guidance with your health journey. 

Our plans are a composition of the following services:


• Custom Nutrition Plan

We analyze your current nutrition pattern and come up with a solution designed for you. (For a deeper analysis, you will be required to send a picture of all your meals for a full week via the chat in our Thrive Method App)

• Macros tracking (if desired)

We guide and track you to have a more accurate results.


• Custom Training Plan

We create an adapted training plan regarding your needs, your schedule and the equipment available to you. We give you ALL THE TOOLS you want, you do the work!

• 1 on 1 Training

Just you and your coach for a 60 minutes virtual session via Zoom Meetings to give your more accountability and guidance


• Lifestyle Habit Coaching

We work with you to design a solution to help you transform bad habits into good ones step by step and stick with them.

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