To help you getting started, we built a system to guide you through our work so you can pick the best option for you. After reading the instructions below, click the "START HERE" button.

There are a few steps to take before you sign up. We want to make sure you understand the work we and you are going to do during your subscription here but also that we both are a good fit to work together. Once your submit your application (no credit card required), this is how it will work:

1. The coach you picked will review your application and reach out to you to book a 20 minutes phone consultation. 

2. During the phone call, we will be discussing goals, health history and make sure we are a good fit. 

3. At the end of the phone call, we'll book a free "Movement Analysis Session" to determine strengths and weaknesses to start building your plan. 

4. Then you will have access to our Thrive Method App, to see how everything works, get used to it but also get your body ready with some mobility & flexibility routines customized for you. 

5. After the "Movement Analysis Session", the invoice of the service you picked will be sent through the app and your plan will be starting the following Monday once you confirmed. 

6. Congrats, you joined #thrivemethodmovement and decided to change your life!

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