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How does the support work?

Through the in-app chat. We check-in with clients every morning at 8:30am (EST). For URGENT questions or concerns, email us at

How do payments work?

Once you sign up for a service, you will receive an invoice that you will have to confirm. Then you‘ll be asked to enter your credit card information (only the first time you sign up). Every week or 4 weeks (depending on your plan) you will be automatically renewed until cancellation.

What is your cancellation policy?

For plan subscriptions, you can cancel anytime at least 3 days before the renewal date. For Virtual Sessions (1:1 coaching or movement analysis), there is a 24 hours cancellation policy. Any cancellation or no show will be a lost session.

Do I need to be a member of a gym?

The training plan is totally customized. It’s designed regarding any equipment you have available.