Coach Sarah
Twin Boys


By Coach Sarah

From a young age, I’ve been passionate about health, fitness and over-all well being. Creating a career that I could help people be healthier through personal training & group workouts was a dream - it fueled my happiness; but I reached a point that giving people a tough workout wasn’t enough, I wanted to help more.  

Moving out to California gave me the opportunity to dedicate focused research  to understand the impact nutrition, movement and mindset have on creating optimal health. Over years of study, experiences and trials Mathieu & I created the Thrive Method to help people eat, move, breath & live a balanced healthy lifestyle.

There were a few key milestones in my own life that formed & fueled this desire…

     1. Self-Healing - Curled over in continuous stomach pain, I went to a doctor seeking relief and direction. After testing a couple things they gave me heavy pain-killers and told me to lower my fat intake (mainly peanut butter) and then sent me a bill of $1,500. With no solution and an absurd medical bill, I decided it was time to start taking my own health into my hands. Diving into nutrition education & eliminating my own nutritional toxins allowed me to get to the source of my issue. It wasn’t a diagnosis I was seeking it was a preventive way of eating so I could help others avoid this same experience. By eliminating processed foods, dairy, alcohol, gluten and focusing on REAL food over an extended time (veggies, good fats, well-sourced animal proteins & superfoods) I was able to not only heal but to thrive and feel better everyday.

     2. Playing rugby - Starting college, I still craved the community that high school sports brought and gratefully, was introduced to rugby, immediately falling in love with the sport. 17 years of playing amongst the coolest, most independent and fiercest woman I’ve ever met, fueled that drive to always do my best, stay strong & in good health. At 35, I retired from rugby with no major injuries to speak of but a body that had been tossed around on a field for years and a liver that had been “challenged” from the many socials - I was ready to plan a healthier future with Mathieu. 

     3. The Twin Pregnancy & Labor Journey - Two years before my pregnancy I got the Fit for Birth CES Certification to gain more knowledge for myself and the female clients I was training. Fast forward to 6 months before we planned to get pregnant - I changed my workouts & I changed my nutrition. Adding in essential nutrients, eating REAL food, consuming plenty of water and stopping alcohol.  Preparing the body for pregnancy and conception was the main goal. During labor there were a few unexpected interventions that made the recovery more difficult than expected long term. This taught me to be patient with the process while being a new Mom and to develop a program that would heal my ab separation (DR), re-train my core to be functional & gain back the muscle I had lost. READ STORY HERE. 

     4. These nuggets are running full steam now, we’re launching our business yet again and continuing to live a THRIVE life. The pillars are what we check in with to keep the family living a healthy lifestyle and I am pumped to be able to help others do the same. Living the way we teach others is the #1 priority for the Thrive Method. The PILLARS are what we follow everyday in our habits & lifestyle.