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By Coach Mathieu

I was born in France and grew up in the South West country side by the Atlantic Ocean and Spanish border. During my childhood, I had two dreams:

     1. I wanted to do what my father, brother, grand fathers, great grand fathers did … They played rugby! 

     2. I wanted to live in the United States since I was young! Why? No idea! But I was so attracted to this country that I started creating American roots in my mind!!!

Growing up in rugby stadiums and club houses where my father and brother were playing, I would always be playing sports. After trying Gymnastics, Basketball, Swimming & Track, … Rugby was the obvious choice! I started playing at 7 years old & kept playing for another 26 years.

During the 10 years that I played professionally, my daily life was training and competing non-stop. I was taking rugby very seriously on the field, but off the field I had my dose of fun! Going out, drinking, or not eating really healthy was also part of my journey as a professional. That lead to some injuries and surgeries that side tracked my career for about 2.5 years. I finally got out of the bad cycle and got back on track for 4 years.

I started to get tired of the professional sport-life and had to make changes; when I was 28 years old, I decided to quit my career in France to follow my second dream… Move to the United States! 

In April 2013, I decided to move to Los Angeles and joined Santa Monica Rugby Club without knowing the language, knowing anyone or having any real plan for the future!! This challenge was exactly what I needed! I spent the first year learning and enjoying but being here inspired and motivated me to learn more. 

As I was heading toward rugby retirement, I suffered from a few more injuries, surgeries and concussions. My body was hurting and after all these years it was time to stop and focus on the future. 

I became a Personal Trainer and started my new career at Equinox in Santa Monica for just about 1 year. Then I decided to join my wife, Sarah, and her team at 34 North. During that time I learned a lot being surrounded by knowledgeable people who inspired me to learn more and study about the human body. That’s where my wife and I had the vision to create “Thrive Method Life”. We wanted to design solutions to heal our bodies, be healthy and feel athletic to enjoy life everyday! 

I was able to recover from all my injuries & concussions; I got rid of all my daily joints and muscles pain. On top of that I dropped about 25 pounds and 6% body fat and can maintain that body composition pretty easily.

In June 2019, my wife and I had twins boys and it gave us even more motivation to keep learning, and guiding people to live an athletic life like us everyday!